Team Building as Part of STEM

Students at the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering work in collaborative teams of three to five students, or “crews,” every day in class as they learn science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). We emphasize working in teams as a 21st century skill. Sometimes we also give the 7th and 8th graders opportunities to work together in team building activities, usually doing something fun. On Wednesday, after the majority of academy students had a mathematics mid-term exam for most of the morning, we gave them an opportunity to do some team building by playing the games they had designed earlier in the school year, or other team games they brought in. Some also flew the flight simulator together. All in all, the students were given the period to have some fun while forming bonds of teamwork. Here are photos of the activities:


Author: Bryan Holmes, Physics & Math Teacher, STEM Competition Mentor

Starting at Thomaston High School in Thomaston, Connecticut, in fall of 2018.

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