This page has resources for students and parents of the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering, as well as anyone else who finds them useful.

NOTE: This page is for historical purposes now, so the documents shown are not for the current school year. 

Class syllabi

Holmes – Algebra I (H) syllabus 2017-18

Garavel – 7th Grade Science syllabus 2017-18

Garavel – Principles of Aero Science I syllabus 2017-18

Garavel – Innovations in Aero I syllabus 2017-18

Holmes – Geometry (H) syllabus 2017-18

Garavel 8th Grade Science Syllabus 2017-2018

Holmes – Principles of Aero Science II syllabus 2017-18

Holmes – Innovations in Aero II syllabus 2017-18

Administrative documents

Aerospace Academy Handbook 2017-2018

Safety Contract _ Academy of Aerospace

Makerbot Replicator 3D printer manual: mb_replicator_usermanual

Academy Model Aircraft Safety Rules

Model Rocketry Safety Code


Lab Report Rubric – Academy of Aerospace & Engineering

Engineering Design Process Rubric

Service Project EDP Rubric – Academy of Aerospace _ Engineering

Writing Rubric – Academy



Academy Classwork & Homework Rubrics

Student resources

Science and Engineering:

Scientific Method chart

NASA Engineering Design Process

NASA Engineering Design Process explained

Engineering Notebook Example

Flight Simulator STEM K12 Manual – Fall 2015

NASA’s Virtual Skies – many aviation topics

Vernier LabQuest 2 information

NASA’s picture of airplane parts

Air Force Aircraft and Spacecraft Fact Sheets

NASA Aerodynamics Index – tons of information!

Air University’s 100 Years of Flight

PBS Aerospace Engineering resources

NASA’s Propulsion Index – information about various types of aircraft engines

NOAA JetSteam Weather website

FAA Manual on Aircraft Environmental Control, including oxygen and cabin pressurization systems

NASA – Electromagnetic Spectrum

NASA Data – an open source of NASA funded research data

Human Anatomy Interactive Site:

NASA’s Space Life Sciences Site

NASA’s Plan for ISS Life Support

Human Body Physiology website

NASA Remote Sensing Articles

National Geographic website on plate tectonics

USGS website on plate tectonics

National Association of Rocketry Guide: NAR-Rocketry-Basics

Digital aviation charts

National Institute of Health (NIH) educational website on genetics

Human Genome Project NIH website

Genome information site sponsored by UK Genome Project

Biology 4 Kids website

NASA Guide To Solar System

StarDate – the University of Texas McDonald Observatory’s website on astronomy

Solar System Scope – an online simulation of the Solar System in motion

Sun Observations and Data from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory

Moon Phase and Data from US Naval Observatory

Latin and Greek roots of words often used in science

Aircraft Mission Symbols – Guide from National Museum of the Air Force

Understanding Physics by Asimov:

Physics of motion & heat by Asimov

Physics of light & EM by Asimov

Physics of atoms by Asimov


Math is Fun – tutorials in Algebra, Geometry, and other math topics

Geometry Virtual Manipulatives

Math is Fun! Geometry  – simple tutorials on geometry topics

Geogebra graphing site

Euclid’s Elements (hyperlinked version)

Euclid’s Elements (Greek and English translation)

Flying and Navigation:

FAA Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

FAA’s Airplane Flying Handbook

FAA’s Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)  – scroll down and find this document on the link

Resources for Other Teachers:

Professional development (PD) presentation at Newington professional development, November 7, 2017: PD for 11-7-2017 – Holmes workshop

CONFRATUTE – July 2017

Integrated Approach to STEM Learning – Holmes

7th Grade – Example of Integrated Annual Curriculum

7th Grade – Example of Integrated Project – Glider

7th Grade – Example of Integrated Weekly Plan – 10-19-15 to 10-23-15

7th Grade – Example of Integrated Weekly Plan, 10-26-15 to 10-30-15

8th Grade – Example of Integrated Annual Curriculum

8th Grade – Example of Integrated Project – Air Navigation

8th Grade – Example of Integrated Project – Sundial

8th Grade – Example of Integrated Weekly Plan – 4-24-17 to 4-28-17

8th Grade – Example of Integrated Weekly Plan – 5-1-17 to 5-5-17

AMA Expo East presentation, 2-23-2018

AMA Expo East – Bryan Holmes sessions